Responsive web applications, optimised for smartphones, tablets and search engines!

If you want to create a state of the art professional web application with a commercial purpose and a precise online business idea, one that has been designed from the start to achieve concrete results and to be visible and optimised for smartphones, tablets and for search engines...

...then you have to look for a cutting-edge solution that combines the professional experience from different sectors of the web with a programming code designed to achieve your company's commercial objective.

Whether it may be a platform for e-commerce, customer acquisition, customer area, business process management, corporate intranets, social networks, web services, management integration, integration with Amazon or eBay, citizen services or online banking...

...today web applications must meet special requirements to guarantee stability, portability, visibility, flexibility and international development standards.

The responsive web applications that we can implement and customise for your business support unlimited data bases, can be installed onLinux, Windows and IBM server with no problems, and allow customisation and integration with administrative databases or other corporate applications or external services, such as Amazon or eBay.

They are also fully optimised for smartphones, tablets and for search engines, and can support a multilingual interface and be integrated with Android and iOS apps.

Adam Key Group has been active in the development of web applications for over 15 years.
Our applications use programming standards tested and supported by giants such as: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, eBay, Amazon, etc.
"Do you think it can be a guarantee?"

This allows us to always be one of the first to have access to advanced, state of the art features that your competitors have often not even remotely considered.

We always create modular solutions that allow you to add new functions without having to touch anything in the application in production. We use programming architecture that separates the of business logic tasks from the user interface, allowing more rapid application development, greater flexibility and reduced maintenance over time.



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Here are some of the features of our applications:

  • MVC architecture
  • Modular structure
  • Support for various DB
    (MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Firebird...)
  • Support for multiple platforms: Linux, IBM, Windows
  • Integration with web services: business management, switchboards, Amazon, eBay, third-party software
  • Integration with Mobile Apps
  • SEO Friendly, optimisation of the entire application for search engine
  • Multilanguage support optimised for search engines
  • Graphic optimisation for smartphones and tablets
  • ... and much more!


Moreover, as you can discover by browsing our services, Adam Key Group is oriented towards achieving your company's commercial objectives!

In fact, you should know that when you go to create a web marketing or customer loyalty strategy, when you work on your positioning in search engines, or carry out online advertising...

...you will have advantages and strengths that many web applications or websites can not come close to, because they lack the advanced development features!

Put us to the test!

We both know that we will only continue working together if your company achieves a concrete result.
And we don't want to miss this opportunity!

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  • CRM, ERP Integrations
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